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Welcome to the naughty world of Stefanie Heyer filled with impish kitties, randy bunnies, hot dogs and other quirky creatures sure to bring a smile to your face (in exchange for a sausage). Stefanie is an artist from Germany living in Paris and who’s really obsessed by art, vintage and crazy funny stuff.

All her items are created on demand – down with waste and overproduction! – and are customized and personalized to bring you joy. Have fun! You can choose your favorite pattern for the base and for the underwear from a wide range.

How cute is this innocently frolicking couple? Well, it will remain cute as long as you choose not to unveil their far less innocent intentions…

And oh, here’s the fun part about these creations! Simply remove one of the character’s underwear with the help of a magnetic system to unveil his private parts. Oh how awfully naughty! Maybe just make sure children don’t mistakenly take this as a fun magnetic game?

A little background…

Before making their way onto the paper, all her illustrations have percolated through her caffeine-fueled brain. Her world is a tiny Parisian studio filled with drawings she retouches, polishes and perfects before immortalizing them in Indian ink or a linocut. Sometimes she gets so obsessed she can’t sleep and rise before dawn to capture the images before they get away. The inspiration for her quirky naughty scenes comes from vintage books, antique shop of the Marché aux Puces (flea market), art and fashion.


  Original design

Hand crafted LINO PRINT, hand printed on old vintage paper and displayed on a  base covered with a lovely vintage pattern

Dimensions : H : 6,2″/ 16 cm x L: 10,2″/ 26 cm x B: 1,57″/ 4 cm

Each print is signed and numbered on the front

Each print is unique due of the nature of hand prints.

Limited edition: 50 prints each!

All her items are shipped to you well and safely packaged.

Additional information

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